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Dress skirts plus size


Plus size dresses and skirts
Women wearing the plus size size are often overlooked in the productions of popular "networking". It is not easy for them to find elegant, everyday, ball or evening clothes. Does this mean that plum women are supposed to dress in a disgusting way, without chic or grace? Well, no!
Efemina shop took care of the comfort of women of larger sizes and for this occasion prepared a whole collection of clothes till plus size size. In the category of dresses and skirts XXL, customers can find clothes covering different fashion canyons, colours, cuts and prices, because the ladies can choose from 208 different and divers dresses and skirts.
Women in Rubenish shapes can choose dresses long, up to the ankle and short above the knee. However, the length does not end with just these two positions. The company offers plus size dresses reaching behind the knee, half of the calf or above the ankle. Thanks to the rich offer of Efemina shop these dresses are on thin or thick braces depending on your preferences. Others have long and tight sleeves, another group is also equipped with long but non-adhesive, loose sleeves. For women who prefer sleeves with a slightly more complicated, creative and original texture, buffy cuts are reserved, or with an exposed upper arm. There will also be XXL dresses with short sleeves (tight, wide, airy) for women with classic style. The clients do not have to worry about a small selection of colours of given clothes either, because most often a given cut is produced in several colours. Plum women can therefore find clothes in both crisp and challenging colours (strong pink, orange, blue, red, light green) and classic and subdued colours (black, bottle green, navy blue, white, grey, cream, maroon). For those who prefer delicate colours, Efemina offers XXL dresses and skirts in powder colours (subtle pink, subdued purple, pale blue). The texture of the clothes offered is also very rich. Among dresses you can find decorative floral, folk, geometric, symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns. At the same time it is worth looking at dresses in optically slimming vertical stripes and horizontal stripes working on the contrary. The dresses available in the offer in dots of different sizes attract the eye. For brave women we recommend XXL dresses and skirts with "zebra", "tiger" or "snake" texture. Other available patterns are: check and crosses. An interesting offer is a few items of dresses whose texture is a combination of vertical stripes and tropical flowers. Some of the dresses are available with decorative stripes of different thickness (from very thin to intensely wide). A very fashionable trend available in the Efemina shop catalogue are pleated XXL dresses and skirts of the same size and texture. Another trend that we can find in the shop's offer are frills, as a single decoration or a complete coverage of the product with them. Following the fashion, Efemina also offers the purchase of so-called (XXL) jacket dresses, asymmetrical, either retro or VIntage style. Plum fans of tulle creations can count on finding an outfit whose concept is based on this material. The same kind of materials used for dresses and skirts are used in the shop's offer a lot of frills, polyester, tulle, cotton, żorgeta, viscose, polyacryl, elastane, silk, wool.
Efemina offers plus size dresses and skirts of Polish and foreign manufacturers famous for good quality materials, amazing structure of knitwear and original cuts.
Efemina shop offers a wide range of women's clothing including plus size dresses, we do not discriminate against plum women, so each of us can feel unique and find our own type of dress or skirt.

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